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Gas hub legal stoush takes new twist

ABC News
28 February, 2011

Gas hub opponent Joseph Roe will appeal against a Federal Court ruling which removed him as the head negotiator for the native title claim over James Price Point.  Read more>>

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The Kimberley – Australia’s last great wilderness

Have you ever been to the Kimberley? You may have seen bits of it in Baz Luhrmann’s film Australia. The region is the size of two European nations. Plus a bit.
Ecologically it’s so special that Oxford University sent an expedition there as recently as 1988, led by Professor Andrew Goudie; like some venture into darkest Africa in the 19th century. About a zillion new species were found.
Well now, Victoria Laurie has written a brilliant book about the place: The Kimberley: Australia’s Last Great Wilderness. And here’s the story she has to tell….
to read the full transcript or listen to this ABC radio story in full, click here

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KLC demand end to compulsory land acquisition

ABC News
16 February, 2011
The Kimberley Land Council is demanding the Premier abandon compulsory acquisition of land for a gas hub following a Federal Court ruling on the case.
Infighting between the families with a native title claim over James Price Point has proved a headache for the State Government and Woodside as they plan the $30 billion project.
Yesterday’s Federal Court ruling replaced gas hub opponent Joseph Roe as the legal head of the claim group.  It clears the way for the group to negotiate and potentially sign a deal with Woodside.   To read the whole article click here>>

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Rich in Land; Aborigines Split on How to Use It

New York Times Article
12 February 2011.
BROOME, Australia — Australia is experiencing a natural resources boom, driven by China’s headlong modernization, that is often described as a once-in-a-century phenomenon. It has minted billionaires out of businessmen who deal in iron ore and coal, and it has enriched many Australians by increasing the value of their homes and creating well-paying jobs.
The Kimberley Land Council, an Aboriginal group, supports plans for the gas plant at James Price Point.
But it has conspicuously left out Aboriginal Australians, whose home ownership and education levels fall below the national averages… More »

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Court ruling opens way for Kimberley gas hub

15 February, 2011
A Federal Court ruling has helped clear the way for traditional land claimants in the Kimberley to resume negotiations over a $30 billion gas hub north of Broome.
The ruling by Justice John Gilmour in Perth today replaces gas hub opponent Joseph Roe as a legal applicant on behalf of traditional claimants and replaces him with other nominated applicants.
Mr Roe has a week to appeal the decision.  Read more>>

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Gas hub ‘would destroy dinosaur prints’

Flip Prior
The West Australian

15 February , 2011

Dinosaur “underprints” at James Price Point would be destroyed if the proposed gas processing precinct went ahead, according to a new State Government report. Another report found the risk of oil spills resulting from the project was low but the environmental consequences would be “significant” if one did occur.
The reports were among four released by the State Government as the last part of the strategic assessment of the $30 billion project. Read more>>

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Conservation group raises gas hub oil spill fears

15 February, 2011
A conservation group says it fears an oil spill could quickly reach Broome’s Cable beach and spread over 200 kilometres of coastline if an LNG plant is located at James Price Point.
Environs Kimberley has responded to a government report which says there is a once in a 10,000 year chance of an oil spill reaching Cable beach.

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