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Rob Hirst, Jimmy Barnes, John Butler & friends rock out for the Kimberley – ‘rebel busk’

ROCKER Jimmy Barnes has resorted to busking.
His latest move is part of a campaign to save the Kimberley region in Western Australia from the impact of gas development.
Barnes, alongside Rob Hirst and Dom Turner from the Backsliders, entertained a lunch-time crowd on Sydney’s Market Street on Monday as part of a national “rebel busk” day.
Barnes said the campaign was to raise awareness about an alternative to the what he said would be destruction of Broome and the Kimberley coastline in WA.
“It’s been railroaded by the West Australian government under the premise that they’re basically helping the Aboriginal communities up there with education and homes,” Barnes said.
“These are basic rights that every Australian deserves, there’s no need for them to sell their country, our country and ruin one of the pristine wildernesses in the world to get the rights that every Australian gets for nothing.”
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Blues and roots musician John Butler has led a “rebel busk” outside Woodside Petroleum’s Perth headquarters today, as part of a nationwide musical protest against the industrialisation of the Kimberley.
Rocker Jimmy Barnes, former Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst and Dom Turner of the Backsliders surprised lunchtime crowds in Sydney’s bustling Market Street with another performance, while musos Shane Howard, Bart Willoughby, Tonchi McIntosh and Andy Reid took the stage in Melbourne’s Swanston Street.
In Broome, members of The Pigram Brothers performed a gig outside the local Woodside office with travelling musician Dave Mann and other local musicians including Wil Thomas and didgeridoo artist Paul Boon.
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Broome rebel busk. Photo: Flip Prior

In Broome, members of The Pigram Brothers performed a gig outside the local Woodside office with travelling musician Dave Mann and other local musicians including Wil Thomas and didgeridoo artist Paul Boon.

Alan Pigram said the musicians wanted Woodside to consider other locations for its proposed $30 billion gas processing plant at James Price Point.

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Shane Howard, Bart Willoughby, Tonchi McIntosh and Andy Reid joined in the ‘rebel busk chorus’ in Melbourne.

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Goodbye to Broome time

Canberra Times

The exotic image of this town on the north-west coast is under threat from development.
Broome evokes romantic visions of halcyon days in a place of exotic multicultural harmony, set amongst dramatic landscapes and extraordinary wildlife encounters. The ”Broome brand” is more widely recognised than its much larger parent the Kimberley itself.
If you have this vision, then you’d better visit soon before it’s changed forever by industrialisation.
If West Australian Premier Colin Barnett and Woodside have their way, it’ll be just another mining town with hundreds of semi-trailers thundering along Gubinge Road to the new port everyday.  Full story>>

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Kimberley coast shapes up as crucial battleground

Sydney Morning Herald

IT’S winter but it’s hotting up again at James Price Point, an isolated spot on the Kimberley coast north of Broome, described by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett as an ”unremarkable beach”. It is now the subject of increasingly vigorous protests against a $30 billion gas hub proposed by Woodside and its partners in the Browse Basin – Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP.

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Woodside accused of intimidating locals

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Reporter: Erin Parke

Woodside Petroleum has been accused of intimidation and privacy law breaches in connection with its proposed gas hub off Western Australia.

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Energy company Woodside has been accused of breaching privacy laws and intimidating members of the public in connection with its proposed gas hub off the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia.

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Woodside questioned over filming residents – ABC Kimberley

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Kimberley area gets indigenous protection

Australian Geographic

ON THE NORTH COAST of the Kimberley, in a remote spot untouched by roads and development, hundreds of kilometers of white sandy beaches and rocky escarpments dotted with gum trees meet the milky turquoise expanse of the Timor Sea.

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Kimberley water under threat – Tell him he’s pipe dreaming

Environs Kimberley Media Statement

The WA Premier has Kimberley water in his sights with further plans to industrialise the internationally renowned wilderness region. The community says “Tell him he’s pipe dreaming.”

The WA Government is investigating taking water from the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley to Perth. Colin Barnett’s previous plan was scrapped in 2005 and he subsequently lost the election on this issue. An independent report[1] commissioned by the State Government stated:

While several methods are technically capable of delivering water from the Kimberley to Perth, the water would cost much more (at least five times) than if supplied by other available options and offers no other significant advantages to the State’s development.” (see more below)

At a protest in Broome today to welcome WA Minister for Environment Bill Marmion, Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard said:

“The Premier lost the 2005 election on this issue and the community here is sending a very strong message to Mr Barnett and the Minister for the Environment that the Fitzroy River will not be dammed and that Kimberley water will stay in the Kimberley.”

Another issue that is ‘under the radar’ is the proposal for a whole new coal and uranium mining province in the Fitzroy Valley. A proposal by Rey Resources which has pegged 8,000km² of coal mining tenements in the Kimberley is being pushed by the company right now.

“This would be like putting the Hunter Valley coal mining province in the Kimberley with the Ranger Uranium mine on top.” Mr Pritchard said.

“The Premier is beginning to show some leadership on the coal proposal in Margaret River he now needs to put his attention on the Kimberley coal proposal. We are looking at a multi mine coal basin if this area is not protected”said Mr Pritchard.

“The ground and surface water in the Fitzroy Valley are under extreme threat. What this community is saying is that the Kimberley’s greatest assets are its natural and cultural values and these should be protected if we are going to have a long term sustainable economy into the future” Mr Pritchard said.

For further comment: Martin Pritchard 0427 548 075


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Date set for challenge to gas hub land acquisition

ABC News

A Supreme Court challenge to the State Government’s handling of the Kimberley gas hub process, is due to go before a judge on June the first.

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Protests in Broome over new Woodside CEO Peter Coleman

Broome locals are alarmed by the appointment of new Woodside CEO, Peter Coleman.

“Coleman’s track record includes working with Exxon Mobil, the oil and gas company responsible for the disastrous Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989.” said NO GAS ON THE KIMBERLEY COAST spokesperson Robyn Wells.

“This man has a track record of industrialising areas of wilderness in Alaska. We do not want the Kimberley to be industrialised.” Ms Wells said.

“Mr Coleman can expect strong community opposition to the proposed gas hub at James Price Point north of Broome.” said Ms Wells.

Exxon has been at the forefront of an aggressive push by Big Oil to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Exxon was also responsible for one of the worlds worst environmental disasters – the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill 22 years ago – tens of thousands of gallons of oil still remain at the spill site in Prince William Sound.

Martin Pritchard, Director of Environs Kimberley, said Mr Coleman’s association with ExxonMobil and his promotion of oil drilling in Alaska was a big concern for local communities in the Kimberley.

“Mr Coleman can expect a similar backlash in the Kimberley as Exxon experienced in the US in its push to open up one of the world’s most fragile environments in Alaska.” Mr Pritchard said.

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Woodside names ExxonMobil veteran to succeed Voelte

AAP via Sydney Morning Herald

Woodside Petroleum as appointed long-time petroleum executive Peter Coleman, from US energy giant ExxonMobil, to be the successor to chief executive Don Voelte.

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Gas hub protesters told to behave

ABC Kimberley

Broome police have urged protesters planning further action against the James Price Point gas hub to use common sense and behave properly.

About 30 protesters were yesterday moved on after they blocked the road in an attempt to stop Woodside’s machinery reaching the proposed site, north of Broome.

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