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Oil to soon flow from WA’s Canning Basin


Resource company Buru Energy says it’s just a few weeks away from extracting its first barrel of oil from the Canning Basin in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Ungani field is located on Yakka Munga Station, east of Broome and the oil produced from there will be initially trucked to Perth and sold to BP.

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Buru Energy’s oil, gas and fracking in the Kimberley’s Canning Basin


Ben Collins

The Canning Basin covers a huge part of the South West Kimberley and is potentially equal in gas reserves to half of all WA’s off-shore gas fields. As Buru Energy prepares to start producing oil, ABC Kimberley takes a look at the complexity of issues around onshore petroleum in the region.

Covering some 530,000 square kilometres, the Canning Basin is the largest sedimentary basin in Western Australia extending almost to Port Hedland in the west and Fitzroy Crossing in the east. To the north is Derby and the Dampier Peninsular, and the Basin extends about a thousand kilometres south west of Broome. About a hundred thousand square kilometres of the Canning Basin is under the sea to the west of Broome.

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Zero Carbon Project comes to the Kimberley

EK Media Release 20 April

100% renewable energy for the price of two coffees per week

The Zero Carbon Australia Project is coming to the Kimberley!  There will be a presentation about the Project in Broome on April 30 — an event not to be missed.

Drawing on a wide array of scientific research, the Project sets out a ten-year plan for Australia to be powered by 100% renewable energy at a cost of just $8 per household per week.

Martin Pritchard, Executive Director of Environs Kimberley is enthusiastic, saying,

“This is an exciting event.  It will tell us about viable, large-scale alternatives to fossil-fuel dependence, which will allow for economic development based on sustainable sources of energy.”

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Marine park plan for Kimberley

The West Australian

Bridget Lacy

The State Government has announced it will create new marine park in the Kimberley.

Premier Colin Barnett and Environment Minister Bill Marmion today said the Government would create Camden Sound Marine Park, about 300km north-east of Broome to help protect humpback whales.

“Camden Sound, covering nearly 7000 sqkm is the first of four new marine parks to be created under the $63 million Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy,” Mr Barnett said.

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WA Premier rejects Browse Gas fears

The Sydney Morning Herald

Rania Spooner

An independent report warning of adverse social impacts to women in Aboriginal communities if the controversial Browse LNG is developed at James Price Point, has been rejected by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett.

Southern Cross adjunct associate professor Annie Holden found the social impact assessments authored by the Kimberley Land Council and the WA Government had omitted significant risk factors, in a peer review.

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WA Premier rejects Browse Gas fears

The West Australian

Flip Prior

An independent review of the State Government’s social impact assessment of the Browse liquefied natural gas precinct says the negative effects from having 6000 construction workers using Broome were “seriously underestimated”.

The confidential review was delivered in March 2011 for the Federal Department of Environment and released this week under Freedom of Information.

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McGowan walks the line on the Kimberley gas issue


Ben Collins

It’s the problem Labor wrestles with election after election: how to present an easily understood alternative to the Coalition. The Kimberley may be the furthest electorate from Perth, but it often presents issues central to West Australian state elections. The issue of processing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Kimberley is the big issue for the region and has been consistently growing in importance in state and federal politics.

There is no doubting Liberal leader and Premier, Colin Barnett’s position on Kimberley gas. He took what had been the former Labor Government’s initiative to establish a gas processing precinct in the Kimberley and made it his own by threatening and then instigating compulsory acquisition. Critics say that the Premier’s forceful approach has threatened the success of the project, but supporters of Kimberley gas processing can be in no doubt that Barnett keenly wants this project to proceed.

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Oil drills close on ‘pristine’ reef at WA’s Rowley Shoals

The Australian

Andrew Burrell

OIL giants Woodside Petroleum and Shell are about to launch a $350 million drilling campaign within 10km of the Rowley Shoals, a premier diving spot off the Kimberley coast that the West Australian government says is “one of the most pristine marine areas in the world”.

The move puts Woodside and Shell on a fresh collision course with environmental groups, which say exploring for oil and gas so close to the coral atolls is fraught with danger because of the risks of an oil spill and the threat posed to marine life during seismic surveys.

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Doubts grow over $40bn Woodside project

The Australian

Matt Chambers

MORE doubts have emerged about the planned $40 billion Browse LNG project near Broome after the federal and West Australian governments agreed to give Woodside Petroleum another year to make a decision on going ahead.

The move is being seen as acknowledgment a stand-alone project at James Price Point, north of Broome, is more unlikely amid growing community opposition, rising costs and the emergence of cheaper North American gas exports as a US shale-gas glut depresses domestic US gas prices.

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Woodside gets nod for Browse delay

The West Australian

Peter Klinger

The WA and Federal governments have approved a request by Woodside Petroleum and its four Browse LNG project partners to delay making a development decision for the controversial venture by up to one year.

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