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Another mistake in land acquisition for gas hub site


Erin Parke

The West Australian Government has made another mistake in its attempt to compulsorily acquire land for the controversial Kimberley gas hub.

Although traditional owners signed a deal to release land north of Broome for the project, the Government is compulsorily acquiring it in order to give the companies involved greater certainty.

Its first effort was ruled invalid by the Supreme Court and the process was restarted in March.

The second attempt has failed because the Department of Lands did not inform the Native Title Tribunal.

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Second land bungle puts pressure on Woodside’s Browse gas hub

The Australian


ANOTHER mistake in acquiring land for Woodside’s Browse gas hub in the Kimberley has made targeted timeframes “tight”, West Australian Lands Minister Brendon Grylls concedes.

The WA government admits it has again bungled its applications to compulsorily acquire land for the planned gas processing hub.

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Woodside’s fast track application under scrutiny


A proposal to fast-track approvals for Woodside’s Kimberley gas hub development had attracted 1,700 submissions by yesterday’s deadline.

The broader LNG precinct, north of Broome, has already been ticked off by the Environmental Protection Authority.

But, the EPA now needs to consider whether or not to approve Woodside’s facility within the hub.

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Why the EPA must not grant Woodside ‘derived proposal’ status for its James Price Point LNG facility

Wilderness Society

Woodside has just submitted to the WA EPA its proposal for a 25 million tonnes per annum (25 Mtpa) LNG processing facility and export port at James Price Point. At the same time Woodside has requested that the project be designated a ‘derived proposal’ which, if agreed by the EPA, would mean that NO ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT of Woodside’s project is required.
The EPA can make this decision, under Section 39 of the Environment Protection Act, if the proposal ‘fits within’ a previously approved plan, i.e. the Browse LNG Precinct as assessed by the EPA (Report 1444) and recently approved by Bill Marmion.
Due to the fundamental inadequacies of the EPA’s assessment of the James Price Point LNG precinct, as demonstrated by
record numbers of appeals and wide-ranging criticism by independent scientists, it would be a travesty if the EPA rubberstamped Woodside’s LNG and port project without requiring any specific environmental impact assessment.

Submissions using these points and others you want to raise should be made HERE

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