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Peter Klinger, The West Australian

Woodside Petroleum chief executive Peter Coleman has called for an end to the “hollow discussion” about whether the State is missing out on a jobs-and-revenue bonanza because of the axed James Price Point processing hub, describing it as a redundant conversation based on a land-based LNG dream that was not viable.

And he challenged critics of Woodside’s plan to develop Browse Basin gas fields through floating LNG technology, such as Premier Colin Barnett, to accept that significant long-term job creation was more important than a short-term, construction boom.

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Woodside approves floating technology for Browse


Babs McHugh

Broome locals celebrate Browse decision 12/04/2013

Protesters celebrate Woodside’s decision, in April this year, not to continue with plans for its LNG plant at James Price Point.

Woodside Petroleum has confirmed it will recommend that floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology be used to develop the Browse gas field, 420 kilometres off the Kimberley coast of Western Australia.

The Browse project has been mired in controversy, with some environmental and Aboriginal groups opposing development of a processing plant at James Price Point, near Broome.

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Browse gas project approval ‘invalid’

The West Australian


WA’s top judge has delivered the Barnett Government a humiliating blow, setting aside its environmental approvals for the contentious Kimberley gas hub as invalid.

In the process, Supreme Court Justice Wayne Martin has demolished the Government’s immediate plans to push ahead and acquire land at James Price Point.

Handing down his judgment on whether the Government’s environmental approvals for project were legitimate, Justice Martin ruled the process had miscarried and the approvals were unlawful.

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Supreme Court chief justice rules against controversial Kimberley gas hub approvals


Protesters on the road leading to James Price Point.

PHOTO: There have been numerous protests against the siting of the controversial gas hub.

Western Australia’s Chief Justice has ruled that some of the environmental approvals for the controversial $40 billion Kimberly gas hub were unlawful.

Chief Justice Wayne Martin ruled that three of the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) decisions to grant approval to the project were unlawful and invalid.

He also said EPA chairman Paul Vogel should not have made a decision on the project alone.

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Parliamentary inquiry to investigate effects of fracking on land use and groundwater


Sarah Taillier

Fracking  in the Mid West

An aerial view of one company in the Mid West drilling or ‘fracking’.

Dane Griffen


A parliamentary inquiry has been launched to investigate the effects of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas, in WA.

The Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs has announced the inquiry which will be chaired by Simon O’Brien.

The upper house committee will look into the effect the mining practice, commonly known as “fracking”, has on current and future land use and groundwater.

The terms also include the reclamation and rehabilitation of land where fracking has occurred and the regulation of chemicals used in the process.

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Buru Energy announces fracking time line for the West Kimberley


Ben Collins

Buru Energy oil and gas fields

Buru Energy’s oil and gas fields show the Ungani oil field and the Yulleroo and Valhalla gas fields where fracking is planned for the 2014 dry season. (8/8/13) (Buru Energy)


Buru Energy intends on fracking shale gas wells about 80 kilometres east of Broome and 100 kilometres west of Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley during the 2014 dry season as part of their development of Canning Basin oil and gas resources.

In their announcement to the stock exchange following a trading halt, Buru says the fracking will follow engagement with the local community, environmental planning, baseline surveys and receipt of regulatory approval. Traditional owners of the area have previously expressed opposition to fracking on their country but acknowledge they have no legal power to stop the controversial technique.

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Gray paves way for Browse FLNG

The West Australian

Peter Klinger

Federal Resources Minister Gary Gray has approved an application by the Woodside Browse consortium to formally drop James Price Point as the sole development option for the massive gas field off the Kimberley coast, paving the way for another floating LNG operation.

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Superbasin that overwhelms the rest

The Sunday Times

John Flint - FEBRUARY 24, 2013

CHEAPER gas and lots of it. Reduced electricity prices and royalties flowing, like rivers of gold, into the coffers of the WA Government to fund myriad infrastructure projects at some point in future.

It might read like any Premier’s fantasy, but the bounty locked in deep geological formations beneath the west Kimberley is the stuff dreams are made of.

Or nightmares, depending on your outlook. If the potential of the Canning Superbasin is to be realised, environmentalists say thousands of wells will have to be sunk.

And extracting much of the gas will require hydraulic fracture stimulation  the controversial drilling practice better known as “fracking”.

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Mining policy: where the parties stand


Eliza Borrello

The Government and the Coalition support the development of the vast gas reserves of the Browse Basin, 425 kilometres north of Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley. The State and Federal Governments had considered plans for an onshore processing hub at James Price Point, 60 kilometres north of the town. Both Labor and the Coalition said they would support the project as long it met the relevant approvals but the Greens were against it. In April 2013 the project’s major equity holder, Woodside, announced it was shelving the plan.

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