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Broome Port states case for future Buru oil contract


The Broome Port Authority has congratulated Wyndham Port on securing an oil export contract but says it is in a good position to take over the contract in the future.

Buru Energy plans to use Wyndham to temporarily export crude oil from the Canning Basin to Singapore.┬áThe company says Wyndham is a short-term solution because of its size limitations and 1,000 kilometre distance from Buru’s oil field.

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Green group rejects push for environmental approvals handover


A conservation group says Government and industry will live to regret a so-called streamlining of the environmental approvals process for major projects.

Federal Cabinet yesterday signed off on plans to hand over responsibility for environmental approvals to the states.

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A little re-gasing to satisfy the State

The West Australian

Peter Klinger

The Woodside Browse consortium is expected to consider building a re-gasification terminal on the North West coast as a way of satisfying the requirements of WA’s domestic gas policy.

That way, it could use a smaller, purpose-built LNG tanker to deliver gas volumes into the State’s market, most likely through Broome or Karratha.

“There are loads of little re-gas terminals in Europe, Broome has got a little re-gas terminal,” the source said.

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Stress benefits cane toad survival


Tyne McConnon

Most animals would die if they were stuck in a desert with temperatures souring into the 40′s but not the resilient cane toad.

A group of Australian scientists have found when toads are under environmental stress they release a hormone which allows them to balance water loss.

The research focused on toads found in the Tanami Desert which straddles the border of WA and the Northern Territory.

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Woodside pulls down infrastructure at controversial proposed LNG processing site near Broome


Plans for a controversial gas precinct north of Broome have come to a symbolic end with Woodside pulling down its infrastructure at the site and replanting vegetation.

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