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WA’s Kimberley earmarked for new farm development


Tyne McConnon

The Kimberley in far northern Western Australia has been earmarked for another significant agricultural development.

Plans for a new project proposal for Derby have been released by the WA Government.

The Department of Water will visit the Knowsley Agricultural area, which sits on the Mowanjum pastoral lease, to scope out the suitability andavailability of ground water.

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Government concludes acquisition of controversial gas hub land north of Broome


Natalie Jones

The West Australian Government has finalised its acquisition of controversial gas hub land to supply projects in the Kimberley region.

The land at James Price Point, north of Broome, has been bought from traditional owners.

It was originally planned for the use of oil and gas company Woodside as an onshore processingsite but the company abandoned that proposal earlier this year in favour of floating LNG technology.

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WA’s largest marine sanctuary to be protected

Herald Sun

 A humpback whale breaches in the Kimberley marine park. Picture: Annabelle Sandes

A humpback whale breaches in the Kimberley marine park. Picture: Annabelle Sandes 

Western Australia’s largest marine sanctuary, to be created in the state’s north, will be jointly managed by the state and traditional owners, the government has confirmed.

At a ceremony at Camden Sound in the Kimberley, WA environment minister Albert Jacob signed the first ever joint management agreement for a marine park with the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation.

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Commercial fishing removed from Broome waters after licences bought back by Government


Erin Parke

Commercial fishing will be stopped in the waters around Broome after the State Government decided to buy back the licences covering the area.

The Government has purchased the only two commercial fishing licences covering about 100 kilometres of coastline, from Roebuck Bay in Broome, south to Eighty Mile Beach.

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WELCOME. Environs Kimberley or EK is the peak conservation organisation for the Kimberley region, one of the world’s last wilderness areas.

Our natural habitats are facing unprecedented threats from too frequent fires, feral animals, weeds, broadscale land-clearing, dams and encroaching industrial development. Native mammals are disappearing.

Through its Kimberley Nature Project, Environs Kimberley (EK) is conducting innovative work with Aboriginal ranger groups to better manage the threats to rare and endangered Kimberley ecosystems (click here).

Across the region, miners are exploring 25,000 km²  for coal, over 120,000 km² for shale gas, that would be extracted by ‘fracking’, and more than 10,000 km² for bauxite. (Sydney’s urban area covers 1687 km²). The region is also facing exploration for oil, iron ore, copper, diamonds, rare earths, lead, zinc and uranium.


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