Nagulagun/Roebuck BSnubfin Dolphin, Nagulagun, Roebuck Bay.ay

The WA Government is considering a new marine park in Roebuck Bay, home to turtles, dugongs, the mighty mud crab and the biggest known population of Australia’s own snubfin dolphins.. ‘Snubbies’ were only discovered in 2005 and are unique to northern Australia. We need your help in creating a marine sanctuary in the most isolated and pristine part of the Bay to ensure a healthy future for Roebuck’s incredible marine life. To send a message to the WA government please go here.


James Price Point

The State Government wants to build a massive LNG processing facility at James Price Point, only 40 km north of Broome’s famous Cable Beach. If this goes ahead, it will be the largest of its kind in Australia. Read more.



Point Torment

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett favours Point Torment in King Sound near Derby as a deepwater port and industrial estate to open the door for the industrialisation of the Kimberley. Read more.



An aerial perspective of the Fitzroy River floodplain.


Rey Resources wants to build the first coal mine in the Kimberley, 175km south-east from Derby and close to Camballin Barrage on the Fitzroy River. The beginning of a coal province for the Fitzroy Valley? Read more. 



Fitzroy Barra

The proposed Rey Resources coal mine presents serious risks to the fish of the Fitzroy River and Snake Creek, and to the marine environment at King Sound. Read more.