Coal submission guide

Submissions to the EPA closed on 22nd April 2014. Check out Environs Kimberley’s submission to the EPA HERE.

Have your say now by writing to local Member of Parliament, Ken Baston, at

The Kimberley is facing a serious threat from coal mining and we need your help

Rey Resources is proposing to build a coal mine, ‘Duchess Paradise’, within 5km of the Fitzroy River. The mine would threaten the Fitzroy with pollution from acid, heavy metals and salt, and would open up the Fitzroy Valley to other coal mines.

Pollution of the Fitzroy River would be a disaster. Many people rely on the river for fish, recreation and tourism.

If Rey’s mine were to be approved, it would be a green light to turn the Fitzroy Valley into coalfields like the Hunter Valley. Can you imagine what that would look like? Open-cut coal mines through the Fitzroy Valley, crisscrossed by roads and railway lines; mining camps dotting the landscape, and a new industrial port at Point Torment near Derby.

We need to act.

Rey Resources has put out its plans for Duchess Paradise for public comment, which closed on 22nd April. We need to keep sending strong message to government, industry and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that coal mining in the Kimberley is not acceptable. Below is a guide to making submissions with some points to include. You can ‘cut and paste’ or put in your own words.

A submission doesn’t have to be long, but every single one will count. Please can you set aside 10 minutes to write to your local member?

We’ve included some background information so you don’t have to read the entire Public Environmental Review

Action on this coal mine proposal is critical to prevent the industrialisation of the Fitzroy Valley. We need as many voices as possible, so please forward to your friends and impress upon them the importance of taking action to protect the Kimberley.

If you have any questions give us a ring (08) 9192 1922 or email

Thank you

Martin Pritchard


Environs Kimberley


Guide to writing a submission to the EPA on Rey Resources Public Environment Review (PER) due 22nd April, 2014 (submissions now closed, but you can still have your voice heard by writing to your local member or other politicians)

A submission to the EPA

You can submit online or send an email Remember to include your name and address.

Information Links

Here are links to some useful information

Key points you could make in your submission:

  1. Environmental impacts – the site is close to the National Heritage listed Fitzroy River, home to 40 species of fish including the prized Barramundi and the endangered Freshwater Sawfish
  2. Risks to the National Heritage listed river include acid, heavy metals and salt leaching into waterways
  3. Transport – with the mine in full production, there would be 144 x 100-tonne road train movements a day between the mine site and Derby– that’s one truck every 10 minutes, 24/7 – a traffic and noise nightmare
  4. Gas emissions — Rey plans to mine 70 million tonnes of coal, generating 218 million tonnes of CO2
  5. Water — The mine would use 4.1 million litres of water per day
  6. Risks to King Sound — loading the coal onto barges at the Derby Wharf and then onto ships risks further pollution of King Sound through spillage or coal dust and air pollution
  7. Scientific uncertainty — scientists don’t know enough about the river and groundwater systems to be able to say what effects all this would have