Kimberley conservation group celebrates 20 years

In 1996, sparked by the threat of dams to the Fitzroy River and irrigated agriculture in the west Kimberley, three people gathered around a kitchen table in Broome and launched the region’s peak conservation group, Environs Kimberley.

Traditional Owner concerns about the future health of the River and the savannah all the way to Bidyadanga, led to the formation of a coalition that eventually put a stop to the dams and the piping of water to Perth.

Environs Kimberley, or EK, is now celebrating 20 years of work protecting the natural assets of the region.

Environs Kimberley Director, Martin Pritchard, said, “It just goes to show what a small, passionate group of people can do when they put their minds to something.”


Police fine anti Kimberley gas hub protesters


Police have fined anti-gas hub campaigners for blocking access to the site of the Kimberley gas hub.

Protesters say around 10 people created a blockade this morning to stop a convoy of Woodside vehicles accessing the ground works site.

Today marks one year since 26 people were arrested when violent scenes erupted near James Price Point.

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Anti gas hub protesters outside FIFO hearing


Protesters opposed to the proposed Kimberley gas hub are gathered outside the latest public hearing on the impact of fly-in,-fly-out workers.

The Federal Government’s inquiry into the impact of fly-in, fly-out employment has moved to Broome, where the work practice is relatively rare but set to boom in coming years.

The parliamentary committee is collecting feedback on the impact FIFO arrangements have on workers, families, communities and the economy.

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Protest camps may be cleared ahead of cyclones


Authorities have indicated for the first time they may clear the gas hub protest camps in the Kimberley over concerns for the protesters’ safety during the coming cyclone season.

The two camps were established on the road to James Price Point, just north of Broome, almost six months ago in protest against plans to build a $30 billion gas plant at the site.

There have been scuffles with police and more than 40 arrests at the camps during a series of road blockades.

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Police to pay $750 over protest arrest

FLIP PRIOR, The West Australian

Police have been ordered to pay $750 costs to a pizza delivery man whose glasses were smashed and leg injuries aggravated during protests against the proposed gas hub at James Price Point

Jason Weguelin, 40, faced charges of punching a policeman and obstructing public officers on July 5, but in Broome Magistrates Court yesterday all charges were dropped.

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Charges against anti-gas protester dropped


A Broome man, arrested over his role in an anti-gas protest, says he feels vindicated by a police decision to drop the charges.

Jason Weguelin,40, was charged with obstructing police during a clash at a road blockade, north of Broome, on July 5th.

But, the police prosecutor withdrew the charge in Broome Magistrates Court this morning.

Mr Weguelin says the case has hung over his head for three months.
“I felt very disappointed with police, it’s a very powerful thing to use against someone,” he said.

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Disabled hip hop artist joins protest

A disabled hip-hop artist from the eastern states is the latest to join the ongoing protest against the Kimberley gas hub, chaining himself to a Woodside vehicle near the site.

Ollie Butterfield, 26, is usually wheelchair bound but has been able to climb under the vehicle where he has been sitting for several hours.


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Tower-top protest at Kimberley gas hub site


A protester who’s scaled a 30-metre tower at the site of the proposed James Price Point gas hub, north of Broome, is refusing police demands to come down.

New South Wales man Scott Daines climbed the weather tower early this morning, and police efforts to coax him down have so far been unsuccessful.


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Gas hub rally tells Woodside to save bilbies

The West Australian

Dozens of protesters congregated outside Woodside’s office in Broome this afternoon, urging the company to stop land clearing following the discovery of rare bilbies in its proposed gas hub precinct.
Last week, a live bilby was caught on camera after an extensive community-driven ecological at James Price Point. Footage of three baby bilbies has since emerged, and dozens of burrows and fresh tracks have been found.
The discoveries have prompted Environs Kimberley and other groups to demand that Woodside halt the clearing of vegetation at the project site. More>>

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Gas hub opponents alert G-G to cause


Opponents of the Kimberley gas hub staged a candle-lit vigil outside an event attended by the Governor-General in Broome last night.
Quentin Bryce is in the region for two days meeting traditional owners, launching community programs and visiting schools.

Last night she was guest of honour at a special reception organised by the Broome Shire Council.

Anti-gas group spokeswoman Nik Wevers says protesters sat quietly outside in a bid to alert Ms Bryce to their cause.


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