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Crocodile survey underway in WA’s Kimberley ahead of cane toad arrival


Crocodile survey, Windjana Gorge

Volunteers measure freshwater crocodiles as part of a detailed crocodile survey at Windjana Gorge.

ABC News: Erin Parke

One of the most detailed crocodile surveys attempted in Australia is underway at a remote gorge in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Researchers are aiming to get a snapshot of the health of the freshwater crocodile population at Windjana Gorge by capturing more than 100 animals.

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Stress benefits cane toad survival


Tyne McConnon

Most animals would die if they were stuck in a desert with temperatures souring into the 40′s but not the resilient cane toad.

A group of Australian scientists have found when toads are under environmental stress they release a hormone which allows them to balance water loss.

The research focused on toads found in the Tanami Desert which straddles the border of WA and the Northern Territory.

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Cane toad sausages served up in the Kimberley


Poisonous sausages containing toad meat are being trialled in the Kimberley to try and protect native animals from cane toads’ deadly impact.

The Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation has been working with the University of Sydney to develop baits to train native animals not to eat the toads.

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