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Ranger groups and remote communities vital

Amid the questioning of government support for remote Aboriginal communities and what Prime Minister Tony Abbott called the “lifestyle choices” of those who live there, the growing role of Aboriginal management of large areas of remote Australia has been overlooked.

There are 1,200 small, discrete Indigenous communities in regional and remote Australia with various sources of income, including federal government “Working on Country” funding.


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Weeding work at Kooljaman

Environs Kimberley and SKIPA volunteers have been working with the Bardi Jawi Oorany Rangers.

The weeding project at Kooljaman Resort in the northern part of the Dampier Peninsula is helping to protect the endangered Monsoon Vine Thicket ecosystem.

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Frog Night

There has been a bit of rain around recently, so on the weekend a small group of interested people went out in the evening looking for frogs and other critters. This is part of a general program aiming to document the biological diversity of the Kimberley region.

We went to a lagoon where we heard two different species of burrowing frogs calling, the Mole Toadlet (Uperoleia talpa), and the West Kimberley Toadlet (Uperoleia mjobergii). These frogs spend the dry season underground. They only come out in the wet season, which is when they eat, call and breed.

We also saw numerous juveniles of the Giant Burrowing Frog (Cyclorana australis). These frogs breed early in the wet season, and so these juveniles have already grown from eggs that were laid earlier in the wet, that grew into tadpoles and then metamorphosed.

We also encountered a Stimson’s Python (Antaresia stimsoni), who may well have also been out looking for frogs..


A Mole Toadlet sitting amongst grass.

IMG_1579 Cyclo in grass crop

A subadult Giant Burrowing Frog.

DSCN1877 tailed meta Caus cut lofi

A very small Giant Burrowing Frog that still has a tail.

IMG_1554 Stimsons crop lofi

Stimson’s Python.

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Another successful breeding season for the endangered Gouldian Finch on the Dampier Peninsula

MEDIA RELEASE (pdf available here)

Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch – male with nesting material © Julia Rau

At least three small breeding populations of the rare and endangered Gouldian Finch have been located on the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome.

The Bardi Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers have been working with Environs Kimberley and WWF-Australia, seeking out nests and spotting juvenile Gouldian Finches in eucalypt woodlands. The Gouldian Finch is only known from a few records in recent years, however this research is showing there is a small and potentially increasing population of this rare and beautiful species.

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Woodside rule out supply base at James Price Point

Woodside chief hints at start-up delay

Broome Advertiser

August 27, 2014

Peter Klinger

Woodside Petroleum has made clear it will not rush into agreeing a domestic gas deal or the location of a Kimberley supply base with the State Government but insists the timetable for its Browse floating LNG development will not suffer as a result.

Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman hinted last week the formal start of front-end engineering and design work on Browse’s start-up may be delayed until early next year, though that should not jeopardise the push to make a final investment decision by the end of 2015.

“That (FID window) hasn’t moved out and the marketing (of Browse gas) is going quite well, its just down to price,” he said last Thursday after handing down Woodside’s half year profit. “We think we can get volumes away on price.”

Broome Welcome new Woodside CEO Peter Coleman

Broome welcome for new Woodside CEO Peter Coleman May 2013

Mr Coleman said he had spoken with the heads of Browse venture partners Royal Dutch Shell and BP, and said the feedback had been “very positive”.

“It fits within their project list,” he said. “The way we have structured the capital requirements for Browse has helped that. The phasing of Browse now makes it an easier decision.”

Mr Coleman said Woodside was yet to work out its supply base requirements but pointed to Broome and Derby as likely locations, particularly for Browse’s helicopter service. He ruled out James Price Point.




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Development in northern Western Australia held up by red tape, high living costs, MPs told


Erin Parke and Gian De Poloni

High living costs and government red tape are inhibiting economic growth in Western Australia’s north, a parliamentary committee investigating the development of northern Australia has heard.

A public hearing of the Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia was held in Broome and MPs heard from more than a dozen organisations about what could be done to boost populations and productivity in the Kimberley.

Diversification essential to future growth

Challenges to establishing permanent populations

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Inquiry into streamlining environmental regulation, ‘green tape’, and one stop shops

House of Representatives Committees

On Thursday, 27 February 2014 the Minister for the Environment, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, asked the Committee to inquire into and report on streamlining environmental regulation, ‘green tape’, and one stop shops.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing the terms of reference byWednesday, 30 April 2014. Please refer to our brochure called preparing a submission for more information.

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Petroleum tenements in Fitzroy River catchment – by holder

Petroleum tenements in Fitzroy River catchment

Petroleum tenements in Fitzroy River catchment

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‘Fracking’ inquiry begins first round of public hearings


The chairman of Australia’s first parliamentary inquiry into ‘fracking’ says the investigation is entering a significant new chapter.

The WA Upper House committee is conducting a public inquiry into the practice of hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas.

The inquiry has attracted more than 100 submissions.

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