Cable Beach Ghost Gum mapping

Mapping and documenting Broome’s endemic and restricted Corymbia paractia 

The restricted Cable Beach Ghost Gum (Corymbia paractia) is endemic to the Broome region. It is known by Yawuru people as Gunurru.

It is the dominant tree within the WA Priority 1 ecological community — Corymbia paractia dominated community on dunes.

Environs Kimberley, with funding from Eucalypt Australia, has worked with Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPA), Nyamba Buru Yawuru and Broome Botanical Society to comprehensively map the distribution of the species. Surveys were carried out in 2013-14 and 2016-17.

We also compiled traditional ecological knowledge about gunurru.

A report on the findings of surveys of Corymbia paractia on the Broome Peninsula is available here:

PEC MAPPING & ASSESS C. paractia  

A report detailing the distribution, ecology and cultural importance of Corymbia paractia in the Broome region is available here:

C paractia 2017 report DRAFT

Note that this report is a DRAFT.


Cable Beach Ghost Gum

Corymbia paractia


Endemic to Broome

 DSCN2681 lone pacratia FRONT cut

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Saturday March 25th 2017 

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IMG_3591 new lvs regrowth FRONT cut


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