Kimberley Nature Project (KNP)

The Kimberley Nature Project follows on from the successful West Kimberley Nature Project. With funding from Caring for Country and Rangelands NRM we have been able to continue our work in the Kimberley region.

We work with Ranger Groups in the Kimberley to promote natural resource management (NRM; e.g. weeds, fire, feral animals) and related cultural activities and continue work to preserve rare animals including the Bilby and Gouldian Finch. This work is in addition to our ongoing activities managing and further documenting the Monsoon Vine Thickets of the Dampier Peninsula.

In the past two years we have been working with the Karajarri, Nyul Nyul, Bardi-Jawi and Bardi-Jawi Oorany, Bunuba, Gooniyandi and Yawuru Rangers in various NRM activities, thus expanding our work to the north, south and east of Broome where we are based. We continue to support Indigenous Ranger groups to build skills in ecological management, and provide training in weed control, fire management and feral animal control. Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is combined with scientific approaches to further project outcomes.

We work also with the Broome Botanical Society (BBS), the Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPA) and the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in collaborative projects.

Recent activities (2015-16) 

Mapping and surveying Monsoon Vine Thickets (MVTs) of Bunuba limestone country

Report on Dragon Tree Soak (Karriji-pa-yajula) back to country trip with Karajarri and DPaW

Monsoon Vine Thicket and biodiversity survey, Bardi-Jawi country

Biodiversity survey in Nyul Nyul country

Kimberley PECs and TECs Recovery Team

Weeding in Minyirr Park with Yawuru Rangers, CVA and Green Army

Vine thicket mapping, northern Dampier Peninsula

Monitoring impact of cattle on wetlands and fencing project, Karajarri country

Ranger fee for service activities including control of the invasive weeds Parkinsonia and Neem (Karajarri Rangers) and Rubber Bush (Bunuba Rangers) and burning to protect MVTs of the northern DP (Bardi-Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers).

Kimberley Weeds Forum (2015)

Monitoring of springs prior to arrival of the Cane Toad, Gooniyandi country

IMG_7516 splendida yep cut lofi  Photo:  Gooniyandi Rangers.

Gouldian Finch surveys in Nyul Nyul country

Weed mapping and identification of habitat suitable for the Purple-crowned Fairy-wren, Bunuba country.

DSC_0697 Pc FW cut    DSC_0721 FW cut

 Photos: Neil Hamaguchi (EK)

10 KNP mob

KNP staff (click on photo for larger version)