Past Projects

Environs Kimberley has been working on practical natural and cultural resource management projects since 2006.  This page details some of the highlights of EK’s earlier projects.

From 2007-2009, EK ran a highly successful community WEED (Weed; Education; Eradication; Delivery) project in conjunction with the Pilbara Community WEED project run through the Department of Environment and Conservation. The focus of WEED was to build awareness in the community about the threat that weeds pose to the environment, and to work with various groups to develop the skills necessary to deliver practical weed eradication outcomes on the ground.  EK collaborated with Indigenous Ranger groups, Community groups, Shire Councils and a number of government departments to train and support groups to identify weeds, develop weed management plans and undertake control measures whilst advocating for good policy development. The project was funded through Natural Heritage Trust funding and contracted through Rangelands NRM WA.