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The Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPA) is a group of dedicated, enthusiastic naturalists who aim to increase knowledge of the nature of the Kimberley and to share this knowledge with the wider community.

Local residents are welcome to become SKIPA members 

We meet weekly during the school term on a Tuesday afternoon from 4.30pm onwards, mostly at Kimberley Training Institute (KTI) the local TAFE at the horticultural compound to work in the nursery there, but also at our weeding and rehabilitation area in Minyirr Park and at Broome North. KTI are supportive of our activities, providing assistance with nursery space to grow local species and the use of some of their other facilities.

SKIPA members are involved in a wide variety of projects:

·       regular propagation of Kimberley plants at the KTI nursery,

·       weeding and revegetation in the threatened ecological community of                                     Monsoon Vine Thickets at Minyirr Park,

·       field trips, flora and fauna surveys and specimen collection up                                              the Dampier Peninsula and Gibb River Road,

·       a Waterwise verge garden at the Burdekin Youth Centre,

·       verge plantings along Gubinge Road,

·       planning advice and plants for the botanic park at Waranyjarri Estate                                    in the Broome North development,

·       a rainforest garden at KTI, and

·       a ‘Living Seedbank’ with KTI at their Balu Buru site funded by a DEC                                        Environment Grant

SKIPAs is an unincorporated volunteer community group who receives some coordination, funding and insurance support through the Kimberley Nature Project at Environs Kimberley.

Our website contains further information about our activities and is contributed to by our members. It also contains lots of fabulous information about Kimberley plants and we always welcome new photos and comments.

SKIPA Guide to Planting in Broome North   
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A Secret Native Garden – Carnot Bay Mound Springs