Neem Survey

Understanding Neem Management in the Kimberley

Click HERE to take our survey and share your experience with Neem weeds in the Kimberley.

Once planted as a shade tree in many communities, Neem, Azidirchata indica is emerging as a serious weed to Kimberley bushland. We appreciate your assistance in improving the understanding about the impact of Neem as a weed in the Kimberley, and the types of control activities that are being undertaken.

Information will be collated and referred to in the Interim Kimberley Neem Management Plan being developed by the Kimberley Nature Project team at Environs Kimberley. If you would like further information, or would like to help compile a case study for inclusion in the plan, please contact us at throughout September 2017.

Please feel free to distribute this survey far and wide as the more input we receive the better.

Neem fruit L Beames