Environs Kimberley Media Releases



2016 Releases

19 December 2016 Kimberley Weedos Armed With New Resource


Cristina and Diannah Leman from Mamabulanjin’s Green Army using the new EK weed identification cards. Photo credit: Damian Kelly














2015 Releases

30 April 2015 Broome Bilbies about to be bulldozed?  Call on Ministers to halt clearing of their habitat

Broome Bilby

Broome Bilby under threat on Crab Creek Road









2014 Releases

8 September 2014 Media Release Another successful breeding season for the endangered Gouldian Finch on the Dampier Peninsula

2013 Releases

15 Mar 2013  Media Release Call on WA Premier to protect the Kimberley from Rio mining

01 Mar 2013 Media Release- Kimberley ‘rainforest’ listed as endangered by Australian government

2012 Releases

04 Dec 2012 Media Release – Fire Threat to Monsoon Vine Thickets – Rangers & Environs Kimberley present to Science Conferences

Nyul Nyul Rangers and Environs Kimberley measure habitat change following fire










11 May 2012 Woodside threaten National Heritage listed dinosaur footprints in Kimberley

02 May 2012  Broome’s Cable Beach under threat from Browse dredging?

20 April 2012 Zero Carbon Project comes to the Kimberley

19 April 2012 Call for State Government to scrap $120 million road to nowhere

19 April 2012 Camden Sound welcome but extreme risk to marine life in the kimberley continues

30 March 2012 Marine turtle study casts further doubts

16 March 2012 Buru needs to come clean on fracking

14 February 2012 EK calls on Council to defer Woodside decision

23 January 2012  Rare Gouldian finch found on Dampier Peninsula

2011 Releases

29 November 2011  World-famous Horizontal Falls faces mining scrap heap

14 November 2011   Woodside planning approvals lapse

31 August 2011 Our national heritage needs protection, not just recognition

11 August 2011  Rare Marine Life Abandoned By Federal Government Marine Park Plan

28 June 2011 New mining fight in the Kimberley

20 May 2011 Kimberley water under threat – Tell him he’s (pipe) dreaming

6 April 2011  Barnett’s pipedream for taking water from the Kimberley

23 March 2011  Montara oil spill company PTTEP/Woodside joint venture drilling avoids federal environmental scrutiny – test for new Environment Minister

17 March 2011 Woodside chooses Montara oil spill company as joint venture partner for Browse basin drilling

14 March 2011 Mitchell Plateau mining plans under threat from Woodside Browse project delays

9 March 2011 Main Roads ‘Road to nowhere’ threatens endangered species habitat

19 January 2011 New Environment Minister snubs environmentalists on his first trip to the Kimberley

2010 Releases

21 December 2010 Heritage Minister must protect Kimberley dinosaur trackway

21 December 2010 Premier’s hollow promises to protect dinosaur footprints exposed by government report

11 November 2010  Machinery rolls on to James Price Point site following Minister Burke’s visit

5 November 2010 KLC & Environmental groups stand together

22 October 2010 Premier’s broken Kimberley promise on humpback whale nursery

1 October 2010 Standing room only as Broome Council jumps the gun on Prices Point

2 September 2010   Premier’s rush to riches shows contempt

27 July 2010 Abbott threat to Kimberley marine life

12 July 2010 Premier, the Humpbacks are arriving in the Kimberley –  but where’s their marine park?

18 June 2010  Australian Kimberley Humpback Whales Under Threat

10 June 2010   Pregnant Kimberley Humpback Whales threatened by seismic testing

20 April 2010 Don’t Fail the Whales campaign puts Premier on notice
eNGO reponse to WA Govt Kimberley Science Synthesis(3.65mB)

23 March 2010   WA Premier refuses to commit to protect all Kimberley Humpback Whale Calving Grounds

10 March 2010 WA Premier Kimberley promises unravelling

9 February 2010 Joint Venture partners take huge investment and environment risk

8 February 2010 Northern Australia Taskforce recognises Kimberley environment must be protected

2009 Releases

4 December 2009 D-day for the Kimberley as governments ignore environmental laws

4 December 2009 Browse LNG – heading for a train wreck

5 November 2009 Govt spill inquiry should not delay immediate action on marine protection

28 October 2009 ‘Oil spill should never have happened’ -Revelations spark urgent push for inquiry and safeguards

15 September 2009 More oil spills likely, say experts. Fed govt may have been negligent

14 September 2009 EK flies over oil spill – “Like a scene from a disaster movie”

4 September 2009 Poor response on oil leak emergency demands

1 September 2009 Kimberley whale survey shows highest numbers

24 August 2009 Environmental disaster highlights risks associated with proposed Kimberley developments

3 August 2009 WA premier undermining strategic environmental assessment for proposed Kimberley gas project

3 August 2009 WA premier undermining strategic environmental assessment for proposed Kimberley gas project

26 July 2009 Landcorp Community Summit 2030 – WA govt for Broome ‘disturbing’

24 July 2009 New study released on Fitzroy fishway
Fishway design drawing 001 Fishway design drawing 002

22 June 2009 WA Govt must set bar high for Kimberley conservation strategy

31 May 2009