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Kimberley Weed Cards

IMG_8907 Kimberley weed warriors will now have access to an enhanced weed identification and control field guide with the production of the third edition of Kimberley Weeds. First developed by Environs Kimberley in 2007 and a dashboard staple of many a dusty Toyota, the weed cards are now a handy and hardy plasticised pocket guide that contains pictures, descriptions and methods to identify and manage 65 Kimberley weeds. Species include 14 creepers, 19 trees, 17 herbs, 10 grasses and five waterweeds identified as threats to environmental, cultural and agricultural assets across the region.

 $22 each ($30 including postage within Australia)

For discounted bulk orders please contact us directly on 08 9192 1922

Copies available via Paypal below, over the phone, or at EK office, Broome

Damian Kelly – James Price Point, the Story of a Movement

DK Book ad

Books are available through Paypal (above), at the EK office (44 Blackman Street, Broome) over the phone (08 9192 1922) or at the EK Saturday market stall.  $35 (includes postage within Australia).

book-termites-front-cover-LOur Friends the Termites

Pat Lowe, Backroom Press 2015. $26.95

Pat Lowe one of the founders of Environs Kimberley and general allround legend has published a new book, make sure you get a copy!

Take a journey into the micro-world of one of the most maligned creatures on the planet and discover the real story of termites. After years of keen observation in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Pat Lowe shows that there is more to these industrious insects than their propensity to eat houses and furniture.

Termites are the earthworms of the tropics, providing nutrients to arid soils. They have been an important food for people and other animals throughout the centuries, and their nests have been used in many human endeavours. Our Friends the Termites will enlighten anyone who has travelled through northern Australia and wondered at the strange mounds that dot the landscape. It is a fascinating and delightful read for backyard naturalists, entomologists and the simply curious.

 Gas Free Kimberley Organic Cotton Tees

We have a new range of beautiful organic cotton tees available. The design features a whale tail and ‘gas-free kimberley!’ on the front, and a whale tail, ‘saving the nature of the Kimberley’ and our website on the back. These fitted tees come in mens and womens in a range of colours and sizes for just $30! Colours include red, green, blue, purple, pink and cream. Sizes are S, M, L and XL. Contact Christine today via 08 9192 1922.

 Pindan Woodlands Booklet

Pat Lowe. Environs Kimberley 2003. $4.95 A crippled forest or a rich ecosystem? The pindan woodlands of the Kimberley are often misunderstood. Those who know the pindan love it for its understated beauty and its abundance of plant and animal life. Discover some of the pindan woodlands treasures and learn about the threats they face. Find out what you can do to save them from destruction. This informative but light-hearted little book is the first step.

Jimmy and Pat meet the Queen.

Pat Lowe, Illustrations by Jimmy Pike. Backroom Press 1997. $13 a fantasy about Native Title, in which Jimmy, a traditional owner of land in the Great Sandy Desert, challenges the Queen to visit his camp and prove to him that she is the rightful owner of this so-called ‘vacant Crown land’. Her Majesty accepts the invitation, and soon learns what it means to be a landowner in the Australian desert. A light-hearted look at a serious subject, for readers of all ages

Looking for Bobby. A Broome Adventure.

Kerry Anne Jordinson. Backroom Press 2007. $19 Where is Bobby? Broome boys Lucas and Baz, with their friend Tallulah, search for him around their town.  They look in all the familiar spots, until there is only one place left. A fun story for young readers with a surprise at the end. The delightful illustrations show us the well-known features of the town in a new way. Age level: 3 to 7

The Art of Fire.

Jimmy Pike. Backroom Press 2008. $16.95 . . . is a little gem of science as well as art. It will appeal to anyone interested in Australian Indigenous art and traditional life. Jimmy Pike grew up in the Great Sandy Desert, where he became familiar with fire, its uses and its dangers: knowledge and practice passed down through the generations. He shares some of this knowledge with others through his minimalist drawings and compact, vivid explanations


Pocket-sized Guide Books — ready to go anywhere! $6.50 each Department of Conservation and Land Management (formerly CALM)

Common Birds of the Kimberley $7

Read about typical northern birds like the lorikeet and jabiru, pan-Australian birds, and visitors such as the channel-billed cuckoo. Learn about flocks of little corellas and budgerigars, and brolgas doing elegant dances. This little book will help you identify some of the region’s birds and learn about their habits and life history.

Common Plants of the Kimberley $7

This little guide to the plants of the Kimberley gives the Aboriginal names of most plants and explains their use as bush tucker or cures for common ailments. A book to help you identify the plants of the Kimberley, with stunning photographs.

Mammals of North-Western Australia $7

A full-colour guide to more than 32 species of mammals found in the Pilbara and the Kimberley. It contains colour photographs, descriptions, distribution maps and an illustrated footprint for each animal, as well as tips on the best places to see them in the wild.

Snakes of Western Australia $7

For many people, the word ‘snake’ evokes an extreme response. It seems that people either love or hate them. Whatever you feel about snakes, Snakes of Western Australia will help you to appreciate them. A selection of snakes you are most likely to encounter is covered in this field guide.

Nature of Northern Australia.

Natural values, ecological processes and future prospects. John Woinarski, Brendan Mackey, Henry Nix & Barry Traill. ANU Press 2007. $20 Northern Australia is one of the largest natural areas remaining on Earth. Its tropical savannahs, rainforest, and free-flowing rivers are the basis of economic activity and quality of life for residents. The Nature of Northern Australia details the latest science on the northern environment.