Landclearing in the Kimberley in 2017 – can you help?

Most people think of the spectacular Kimberley landscapes as fully protected, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Less than 7% of Kimberley land is under conservation reserve and protected from landclearing, mining and overgrazing by cattle.

The Barnett State Government (2008 – 2017) drove a land-clearing agenda for irrigated agriculture in the West Kimberley. It talked up the millions of hectares available for bull-dozing and damming, spurring on pastoralists and others to apply for clearing permits and grazing licenses.

If these landclearing plans proceed, we’ll see the Kimberley’s globally significant savannah destroyed, with the loss of populations of threatened species like the Bilby and degradation of its free-flowing rivers and wetlands. The carbon emissions from such activities will be massive.


Broome Bilbies - Photo: Damian Kelly

Broome Bilbies – Photo: Damian Kelly

We need to make it clear to the NEW government that this is unacceptable. The environmental disasters of the south – like the devastation of the WA Wheatbelt and the plundering of the Murray Darling Basin – must NOT happen here.

EK monitors development proposals and responds to clearing permits across this region. We are the only organisation doing so regularly.

Since the recent election, we have been meeting with the relevant new ministers and other decision-makers to talk about making land-clearing laws and assessments of development proposals stronger.

With your support, we will continue to help protect this wonderful region.

EK does not receive any government funding for its advocacy work. The financial support of members and donors goes a long way. We are grateful for small or large donations, all of which are tax-deductable.

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In 2017, we’ll need your help to protect the Kimberley!