This August, right here in Broome, scientists are coming to town to deliver free Seagrass-Watch training for the Broome community.

Check it out here!

For rangers, country managers and more experienced volunteers, there’s a Level 1 workshop across 3 days (9am–3pm on Sat 11th & Sun 12th) plus early morning monitoring for low tide on Tuesday 14th.

For everyone else in our town (aged over 18) we are so happy to be able to offer you a Beginners’ Workshop on Monday 13th, 2–6pm, including a field exercise out in the bay!

There'll also be a 2-day monitoring event, with all welcome: Demco (Wed 15th, 6am) & at the Port (Thurs 16th, 6.15am) (Please note children under 18 need to bring a parent or Carer).

To register, or for more info, email: [email protected]