We had frightening news last week. A new study has found that Broome will become unliveable by the end of the century if we keep extracting and burning oil and gas.

While the International Energy and United Nations are saying there can be no new oil and gas fields opened up in the world, the West Australian Government is ignoring the warnings. Now there’s a new threat.

In recent weeks Buru Energy have released information about a new plan to open an oil and gas field right next to the National Heritage-listed Martuwarra Fitzroy River.

The still waters of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River at sunset

Martuwarra Fitzroy River. Photo: Adam Monk

To get the gas to market, Buru Energy is looking at putting a floating gas refinery in King Sound.

King Sound is a marine wonderland with globally significant mangrove systems. It is the world’s last major breeding ground for the critically endangered Freshwater Sawfish. A floating gas refinery in King Sound would be a disaster for the environment.

Floating gas refinery - Petronas

Freshwater sawfish in shallow water

Source: Floating gas refinery - Petronas. Freshwater Sawfish © Dr Dave Morgan

There would be pipelines running through the largest, most unspoilt savannah in the world as well as gas field infrastructure – tracks, pumping stations and well pads.

Together, working with the community and Traditional Owners, we’ve been able to hold back fracking in the Kimberley. Oil and gas companies like Buru Energy have so far been unable to build a pipeline to the Pilbara because they have no social licence to operate.

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'No Gas at JPP' banner in the sky

'No gas at JPP' (cropped). Photo: Damian Kelly 

We’ve been through this before and proven we can win. Ten years ago we stopped the proposed gas factory at Walmadany James Price Point. It took a huge effort get the story into the news, mobilise thousands of people, and make sure we had maximum impact through the campaign to protect the Kimberley – and we won.

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