Meet the EK Team

Andrew Batt

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in small and medium-sized businesses (SME), including 15 years in key senior financial positions across market sectors throughout Australia, Asia, and the UK, the last six years as CEO. He has run a small advisory business for over a decade, supporting SMEs and Not for Profits in all things financial and strategic, using his strong decision-making skills, analytical excellence, and a level-headed approach to ensure stability and success in challenging times. After spending six years on the Board of The Thin Green Line Foundation, supporting Rangers on the front line of the battle to save the natural environment, he became determined to use his skills to make a difference. Andrew moved to Broome in 2020, joining Environs Kimberley (EK) two years later. Of the CEO role, Andrew says, 'This is for the 11-year-old me who plastered my school books with ‘No Dams’ stickers to support the campaign to stop the damming of the Franklin River in Tasmania. To protect the nature of the Kimberley is an esteemed purpose, and one that I am determined to live and breathe’.

Martin Pritchard

Director of Strategy

Martin has been working to safeguard the natural environment for over 20 years, protecting endangered species, rivers, threatened ecosystems and Ramsar-listed wetlands in South West WA and the Kimberley. In partnership with Traditional Owners and other conservation organisations he has led EK’s efforts to have 30,000 km² of the Kimberley coast secured in marine parks, to stop a coal mine from being built on the Martuwarra Fitzroy River and a copper mine at the Horizontal Falls, as well as to prevent James Price Point from being destroyed by one of the world’s biggest gas factories which would've led to the wholesale industrialisation of the Kimberley. He advocated, with the leadership of Traditional Owners, for the National Heritage listing of 19 million hectares of the West Kimberley and new National Parks along the Martuwarra, as well as against its surface water from being taken for irrigation. Martin was the Executive Director of EK from 2008 to 2023, recently stepping into the role of Director of Strategy.

Louise Beames

Projects Director, Kimberley Nature Project

Louise has worked as an ecologist since 2002, and with EK since 2007, transforming a small project into the regional Kimberley Nature Project (KNP). Louise led Cultural Natural Resource Management (CNRM) projects in Dampierland, achieving an endangered listing for Dampier Peninsula monsoon vine thickets (MVTs) in 2013 under the Commonwealth EPBC Act (1999). Louise co-leads the KNP team and collaborates with Aboriginal rangers, scientists, and others to document and protect Kimberley ecocultural values. Leading EK’s not-for-profit consultancy work through Nature Projects Australia, Louise provides CNRM project management support as well as community and organisational sustainable development executive support services to groups within and outside the Kimberley. Louise has a BSc (Applied Biology), first-class honours (Hons).

Dr Malcolm Lindsay

Projects Director, Kimberley Nature Project

Malcolm hails from Melbourne and holds a BSc (Hons) and a PhD in marine ecology from the University of Melbourne. His professional marine and terrestrial ecology experience includes working for community groups, environmental consultancies, university researchers and government departments. He has also held international internships, including one at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands. Malcolm joined EK in 2012 and co-leads the KNP team.

Christine Elsasser

Finance and Administration Manager

Christine hails from Germany, where she gained a Master of Arts in German Mediaeval Literature and worked in the production department of a publishing house, calculating costs and organising the printing and binding of books. After moving to Australia in 1998, she worked in various office roles for a number of organisations, including Magabala Books, Broome’s Aboriginal publishing house. Christine joined EK in 2007.

Hamsini Bijlani

Project Coordinator, Kimberley Nature Project

Hamsini grew up in southern India, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry, and studied human-wildlife conflict near Bangalore. She moved to Sydney in 2016 to complete a master’s degree in Conservation Biology at Macquarie University. She worked as an ecologist for WWF - Australia with Aboriginal ranger groups, on projects such as protecting Wiliji (West Kimberley Black-footed Rock-wallaby) with Nykina Mangala Rangers. Hamsini joined EK to work on the Dampier Peninsula MVT and Karajarri Pirra Warlu Projects.

Tessa Mossop

Project Coordinator, Kimberley Nature Project

Tessa completed a combined law and communications degree at the University of Newcastle. After graduating, Tessa worked in North-east Arnhem Land as solicitor with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, and then for an Indigenous corporation in WA. Initially, Tessa assisted EK with engagement, community projects, events, fundraising and organisational capacity. She now provides strategic project support services to Aboriginal organisations, as well as coordinating the Social Enterprise Project.

Samuel Younis

Project Coordinator, Kimberley Nature Project

Sam grew up on Kirrae Whurrung Country on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and moved to Naarm on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country to complete a BSc and a Masters of Environment. Sam recently completed a yearlong research project looking at the effects changing fire regimes can have on the temperate rainforests in the central highlands of Victoria. Sam first joined EK as an intern to help conduct research into how fires and fire regimes are affecting the savannahs and woodlands of the Dampier Peninsula, including looking at the individual species responses of plants. Sam is now employed at EK to support the development of new projects and implementation of current projects including the Dampier Peninsula Fire Working Groups, Gooniyandi Healthy Country and the Kimberley Wetland Projects.

Shaun Clark

Frack Free Kimberley Coordinator

A long-term Kimberley resident and former Danggu Geikie Gorge Park Ranger, Shaun has a particular interest in Aboriginal knowledge of animals and plants. He has extensive experience with Dampier Peninsula communities and environmental management. Shaun has worked in computer programming, landscaping, irrigation, land care and community development. He has taken part in environmental projects, such as weed control, bush regeneration and coastal protection. Shaun says, “From campaigns and protecting wildlife, to joining forces with Aboriginal rangers, EK works and advocates for the nature of the Kimberley.”



Communications, Media and Digital Fundraising Officer

Anomie grew up on Whadjuk Boodja (Perth and surrounds), where she completed an arts degree (BA), majoring in Anthropology at UWA, and a Graduate Diploma of Arts (Media Studies) at ECU. She is an award-winning writer and published researcher, having worked in film and television education, production, and events, as well as for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equity. Her methods and ideas have been presented at international conferences across a range of fields. With extensive experience in communications and publicity, Anomie joined EK to promote our work, continuing her commitment to social and environmental justice through care of Country.

Eliza Arnold

Community Engagement, Fundraising and Events Officer

Eliza grew up in Naarm Melbourne on Boonwurrung Country, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Masters in International Community Development. Eliza has worked in the Community Development Sector for the past 10 years, in Cambodia, South Africa and Naarm; her roles included Teaching, Events and Fundraising, Volunteer Management and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Mentoring Coordinating. Each role has allowed for reflection on her deep love and passion for environmental protection, people-powered organisations and the importance of positive action and education.

Danielle Bain

Project Officer, Kimberley Nature Project

A Melbourne girl, Danielle graduated from Monash University with a BSc (Environment) in Zoology and Conservation Biology and completed her honours at James Cook University (Townsville), researching the impacts of boat traffic on Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins. Danielle tried her hand at being a public servant at the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Canberra) before moving to Broome. Danielle joined the Roebuck Bay Working Group and, in 2007, went on to establish and manage the Broome Community Seagrass Monitoring Project with EK. After a long break, Danielle has returned to EK and now facilitates the Kimberley Weeds Network and provides mapping support for the Kimberley Wetlands Project and Google Desert Eyes and Ears Project.

Victoria de Bruyn

Project Officer, Kimberley Nature Project

Victoria grew up in southeastern Australia and has always enjoyed the outdoors and marveled at nature. She has first-class honours in Conservation Biology from Monash University. During her undergraduate studies, Victoria started supporting a South African leopard conservation project. She relocated to South Africa and built a decade’s worth of experience working with multiple stakeholders to improve the conservation status of leopards in northern Zululand. Victoria joined EK to facilitate and raise awareness of the Broome Community Seagrass Monitoring Project, working with Traditional Owners, ranger groups and the greater Broome community.

Tahnee Carter

Project Officer, Kimberley Nature Project

Tahnee has always had a strong spiritual connection to the environment, especially to Bardi and Mayala Country. She studied medicine for three-and-a-half years but realised that wasn’t the field for her and went on to do a variety of short-term jobs around town, including events, handiwork, as a marine park ranger, writing, and camerawork. In 2022 she started her own sustainable microgreens business. She joined EK’s Sustainable Communities team to work with the Social Enterprise Project.

Dr Michelle Pyke

Project Officer, Kimberley Nature Project

Michelle grew up in Donnybrook, graduated in Environmental Science (Hons) at Murdoch University and gained a PhD (Geography) at UWA. Michelle has worked for WA and NT governments in riparian assessment, and water conservation and planning. From 2012 to 2015 Michelle lived in One Arm Point and worked with Bardi Jawi, Bardi Jawi Oorany (women) and Nyul Nyul Rangers, investigating local-cultural ways of managing freshwater places for her PhD. Michelle is working on EK’s Kimberley Wetlands Project.

Kylie Weatherall

Project Officer, Kimberley Nature Project

Kylie was born in Northam, WA, and has a lifelong love of the state’s landscapes and natural environment. She studied biological sciences at Murdoch University and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Indigenous Management Studies from Edith Cowan University (ECU). Kylie also holds qualifications in fine art, and conservation and land management. She has worked in human services,
community development, tourism and art and science. Kylie joined EK in 2011. She is the contact person for the Broome land care group, the Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPA).

Shilpa Adhikari

Intern, Kimberley Nature Project

Shilpa grew up in Nepal, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Forest Science. In Nepal, Shilpa worked in disaster recovery and human-wildlife conflict, and studied the long-snouted crocodile at Chitwan National Park. In 2019, Shilpa moved to Australia to complete a Master’s degree in Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University of Newcastle. She is currently assisting with project activities including wattleseed collection and fire-scar mapping.