The Kimberley, on a crowded planet, is one of the great natural places on earth, a landscape of incomparable grandeur. It is sparsely populated, with 40,000 people. The great majority of the permanent population are Aboriginal people, many living on their homelands.

The Kimberley coast is considered by scientists to be in the top 4% of intact coastlines on the planet, comparable with the coasts of Antarctica and the Arctic. The region’s tropical woodlands are part of the largest, most unspoilt savannah in the world, and its wetlands, rivers and rainforests are internationally significant. The north Kimberley is the only place in Australia to have experienced no mammal extinctions. Yet Kimberley landscapes and ecosystems are under threat like never before.

Protecting the Kimberley Coast
Keeping the Fitzroy River running wild
Keeping the Kimberley free from fracking
Watching Briefs
Protecting the North Kimberley from bauxite mining