Congratulations on the creation of the Bunuba National Park

Congratulations to you and the WA Government on partnering with Bunuba Traditional Owners on the creation of the Bunuba National Park.

Traditional Owners and conservation groups like Environs Kimberley have been campaigning to protect the river from dams at Jijidu Dimond Gorge and the Margaret River Gorge for decades. I am extremely happy that these dam sites are now protected in national parks.

This new national park is a major milestone in the delivery of the Labor government’s 2017 election commitment to create the Fitzroy River National Park and a step towards delivering on the promise to protect the Martuwarra Fitzroy River.  

You have my strong support for this conservation achievement as the Bunuba National Park will protect precious Aboriginal heritage and culture, and provide a protection mechanism for a significant stretch of the National Heritage listed Martuwarra Fitzroy River. 

Bunuba Traditional Owners have been working to protect their Country for decades from large-scale development proposals. Now through this national park, Bunuba people can create sustainable economic development and job opportunities on Country that celebrate culture and the Fitzroy Valley’s unique natural values. 

I look forward to welcoming the third Fitzroy River National Park on Kija Country in the near future and urge you to continue to work towards protecting outstanding environmental and cultural values of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River.  

Once again, I congratulate the Cook Government for the creation of the Bunuba National Park and for advancing sustainable economic development through joint management with Bunuba Traditional Owners. 

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