Recently my friend lent me a solar oven. Having heard about this invention for such a long time I was curious to see how it cooked and was amazed at the results. Veggies, cakes and meat, all baked to perfection.


A baked banana cake in the ‘Sun Cook’ Solar oven

Simply set up the oven in a full-sun spot, adjust the foiled sides to catch the best rays, pop the food in under the double-glazed lid and leave it to do its work. The sun heats up the enclosed oven space to about 160 degrees Celsius, so it takes a little bit longer than a conventional oven but is perfect for slow-cooked meat recipes and produces beautifully moist cakes and veggies. You are only limited by sunlight hours and the size of the internal oven space. I am now a total convert to solar cooking and am baffled as to why more Australians aren’t doing it. And there are plenty of online ideas on how to build your own solar oven. You should try one today.


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