EK has changed dramatically over the past 26 years, from three people beginning a campaign to support Traditional Owners protecting the Martuwarra Fitzroy River, to a staff of 18 working with the community across the region on campaigns, and with ranger groups, other conservation organisations, NRM groups and Land Councils on environmental projects.


Danggu, Bunuba Country                     Photo: Adam Monk

The team at EK, the Board, staff and volunteers, with support from generous donors and grant makers, has built a successful and resilient organisation.

Our success has led to us deal with larger scale, complex problems across this vast, remote region. This has required more staff and placed more pressure on the Director’s position, which has responsibility for managing campaigns, advocacy and fundraising, as well as organisational oversight. As the pressures have ratcheted up, the management team, staff and Board have stepped up with strong support. We are now, given available funds, able to restructure the Director’s position and create a new position to manage our advocacy work though campaigns, government relations, fundraising and communications.

Silica Beach

After deep enquiry and thinking, EK Director Martin Pritchard  has decided to stand down from the role and focus on the advocacy arm of EK. He said - 

"It was a hard decision. It’s been an incredible 14 years as the Director of EK; I have learnt so much and people have been so generous with their time and understanding, sharing their skills and knowledge as well as giving general support. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to making my time as Director possible — there are too many of you to name."

All this means that we are very happy to announce that we are advertising for a new CEO.

Check out the new CEO job

If you are interested, or know of anyone suitable for the job, please have a read of the job advert and send it to people who you think would fit the role.

This is an exciting time for EK, and the person who fills this new position will enjoy taking up a challenge and be rewarded by working with a great team contributing to the future protection of the region.

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