We hope you’ve had a great festive season with family and friends. As you will have seen, the wet season kicked in hard here in the Kimberley. Ex-tropical cyclone Ellie came inland and dumped vast quantities of water across the region. The Martuwarra Fitzroy River catchment copped a huge amount of rain, which has led to record-breaking floods, the river reaching 15.8 metres in Fitzroy Crossing last week.

The flood has caused serious damage to roads and bridges, has killed and injured many animals and has severely damaged homes, with many people losing everything.

Photo Natalie Davey

The Fitzroy Crossing community came together, making sure no one was injured or died in the catastrophic flooding.


Wildlife and cattle cling to the damaged bridge in Fitzroy Crossing as floodwaters reach 15.8m. Pic: Andrea Myers.

It was inspiring to see young people working to save the Ngurrara canvas from the floods.

Fitzroy Crossing community saving the Ngurrara canvas Pic: Andrea Myers

The recovery effort is going to take a long time, and local community groups are calling for support to make sure people are able to cope with the emergency.

Majella Ross, who has many family members in Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities, is calling out for help:

“A lot of people have lost everything and will need support to rebuild their lives. Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated and everyone chipping in is a tremendous boost to everyone.”

Floodwaters halfway up the door   Photo: Natalie Davey

If you’d like to donate please consider giving to locally-run groups. Here are some options to consider –

Donate to Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre fundraiser to help women and children in the Fitzroy Valley rebuild their lives after this flood disaster.

Donate to Leedal Foundation Limited fundraiser for Flood Relief and Support for Aboriginal people in the Fitzroy Valley.

Donate to Wild Life West Inc in Fitzroy Crossing – a non-profit wildlife sanctuary – to help buy medical supplies, food and new shelters for injured and displaced wildlife.

Support Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council's flood relief efforts to help those affected along the river.

The people of the Fitzroy Valley are resilient and have pulled together and shown how community spirit can overcome the most challenging floods ever to have affected Western Australia, but now they need our help.

Please give generously

We’ll send updates on the recovery efforts and how the Fitzroy Crossing community is getting back on track - sign up if you're not already on our list.

Thank you!


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