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Thank you for your party’s commitments at the last election to protect the Kimberley.

I applaud your promise to provide a ‘mosaic of national parks to protect the outstanding natural and cultural values of the broader Kimberley’.

I fully support your commitment to the ‘development of a management plan for the Fitzroy River to ensure the health of the river and provide a basis for sustainable economic development.’ The gas fracking industry is not sustainable.

I understand that right now you are deliberating on a report from the WA fracking inquiry. The decision you make will determine the future of the Kimberley as either a new gas fracking province, or one of the largest, most intact tropical savannah on the planet.

As part of the ‘Plan for the Kimberley’ policy commitments, you recognised the outstanding tourism, cultural and natural values of the Dampier Peninsula. The Peninsula is a tourism icon with more Aboriginal-run tourism enterprises than anywhere else in Australia. The gas fracking industry is not compatible with cultural tourism on the Dampier Peninsula.

To allow fracking would directly contradict your commitments to protect the Fitzroy River and Dampier Peninsula, and I strongly urge you to safeguard the whole Kimberley from the gas fracking industry.

I call on you to support industries that protect the environment and Aboriginal culture. Carbon Abatement, Land Management, Bush Foods, Renewable Energy, Cultural and Eco Tourism as well as the arts and crafts provide proven, durable, family-friendly jobs and incomes.

This important decision comes at a time in history where we must urgently de-carbonise our economy. Fracking will add globally significant carbon emissions at a time when scientists are urging leaders to remove carbon from the atmosphere to stabilise the climate. Climate change poses one of the greatest risks to the future social and economic security of Western Australia, and the effects are already being felt.

Please reassure me that you will not open up the Kimberley to this risky, polluting and dangerous industry.

I also ask you to assure me that you will apply the same standards of care and risk mitigation to fracking as you have in the South West of Western Australia, and the Peel and Metropolitan areas. If a ban is the only adequate protection measure in the South West, surely the same applies in the Kimberley?

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