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This is my submission on the potential Cable Beach ramp closure out for public comment.

I make the following points - 

  • Flatback turtles are a threatened species and are listed by the Commonwealth and State as deserving of protection 
  • The Flatbacks at Cable Beach hatched there, and feed in Roebuck Bay – they are true locals and are a very small, fragile population 
  • We have a great opportunity to provide more protection by keeping cars off the beach during nesting and hatching times
  • There should be a ban on vehicles during nesting and hatching time, from October to April
  • The Shire takes serious reputational risks if it supports vehicles on the beach rather than a threatened species: Cable Beach’s Flatback Turtles.

I strongly urge the Shire to protect threatened species like the Flatback Turtle by closing Cable Beach to vehicles during nesting and hatching times.

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