Growing Bushfoods with Nature: Savanna Enrichment Course

Savanna enrichment is a sustainable way of increasing the yield of bush food trees while keeping their natural habitat intact. Instead of clearing and creating horticultural/silvicultural crops with one species, savanna enrichment enhances natural bush food production by adding native plants and using targeted irrigation. This increases the density of the bush plants you wish to harvest and maintains a healthy and functional ecosystem.

More information can be found in the following article: Enrichment plantings as a means of enhanced bush food and bush medicine plant production in remote arid regions – a review and status report

The Course will run October - December and full scholarships are available. 

Please register to attend an info session about the course by following the links below:

Info session: Monday 14th September 10 am

Info session: Monday 14th September 3 pm

Info session: Monday 14th September 6 pm

For more info call 08 9192 1922 or email [email protected]