Natalie comes from Fitzroy Crossing. She is a content creator working with local organisations. For Baya Gawiy, the Children and Parenting Centre (CPC) and Early Childhood Learning Unit (ECLU), she is creating an educators’ resource system based around the local Aboriginal seasons. Natalie is a broadcaster at Wangki Radio, the local station and, with her father, presents a morning language program called ‘Danggujarra’. With Mangkaja Arts, Natalie is developing a jewellery collection inspired by Country. As part of the 2019 NAIDOC Week Speaker Series ‘Voice. Treaty. Truth.’ Natalie travelled with the Australian Consulate General and the founder and General Manager of Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre (MALTC) to share knowledge about the conservation of language with many First Nations people of the United States. Natalie is dedicated to sharing the world around her and bringing people together through cultural understanding.

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