The Kimberley Nature Project (KNP) collaborates with Aboriginal and community groups across the region to protect, manage and document ecologically and culturally important species and ecosystems. 

We do this through on-ground projects to: manage wild fires, feral animals (including cane toads) and weeds (such as Neems); monitor marine species such as the Snubfin Dolphin, and the health of the seagrass beds of Roebuck Bay; conduct ecological surveys; collect native seeds and revegetate denuded areas; develop interpretive signage and deliver environmental education.
Collaborating with Aboriginal Ranger Groups
Protecting Threatened Ecosystems
Saving Threatened Species
Managing Invasive Weeds
Monitoring Seagrass Meadows
Managing Fire for Biodiversity
Protecting Wetlands
Building a Kimberley Community Seedbank
Working with Community Groups
Managing Feral Animals
Conservation Economy