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I thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Iconic Natural Heritage Places consultation paper. I believe that fracking is too much of a risk to our water, air and landscapes, as well as a major contributor to climate change, and should be banned in the Kimberley.
Given your Government’s failure to ban fracking in the Kimberley, the Fitzroy River and the Camballin Floodplain should be included amongst the Iconic Natural Heritage Places, as well as other areas that have been overlooked, which fit the government’s criteria.
As a minimum, here are other areas that should be included:
1 – National Heritage areas in the King Sound and to the East North East of Derby.
2 – Priority ecological communities that are part of the Fitzroy River system.
3 – Roebuck Plains wetlands and floodplains system, recognised as nationally important wetlands.
4 – Edgar Range proposed conservation reserve.
Fracking is a damaging and polluting industry, which many countries in the world have now banned. Please see fit to include the areas listed above as Iconic Natural Heritage Places, so that these vulnerable and sensitive areas are not damaged by fracking, and to help keep the ecology of the Kimberley intact and our natural assets protected.

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