Last dry season I was lucky enough to have a day out with the Yawuru Country Manager team at the picturesque Yawuru wetland Tharndoo-Ngunjal (Lake Campion). It was a far cry from the usual wetland monitoring day on Country, as the Country Managers were acting on a film shoot with the Lotterywest marketing and grants team.

Behind the scenes on the ‘That’s the Ticket!’ film shoot at beautiful Tharndoo-Ngunjal (Lake Campion)

Behind the scenes on the ‘That’s the Ticket!’ film shoot at Tharndoo-Ngunjal (Lake Campion). Photo: Kylie Weatherall

A call-out of ‘Set — 3,2,1 — ACTION!’ saw the stars of the show, the Yawuru Country Manager team, measuring water quality, putting tools on the tray and jumping in the car crying out ‘Protecting the Kimberley wetlands. That’s the Ticket!’ The Country Managers were faultless in their performance, even though it was a stereotypical film shoot, with the scene on repeat (albeit with some minor tweaking), over a few hours until the take was acceptable to the plethora of film-team staff present.

This fun day was a part of the four-year Lotterywest-funded Kimberley Wetlands Project that helped ranger groups around the Kimberley monitor and manage important wetland sites.

Behind the scenes on the ‘That’s the Ticket!’ film shoot

Shooting ‘That’s the Ticket!’ with the Yawuru Country Manager team at beautiful Tharndoo-Ngunjal (Lake Campion). Photo: Kylie Weatherall

It’s worth noting that Lotterywest is the only government-run lottery in Australia, where all available profits from every lotto ticket sold, are returned to the community for wonderful projects like this one. As this project is ending, EK has been lucky to secure funding from State NRM to build upon the good work of the Kimberley Wetlands Project. The State NRM project is funded until the end of 2025. It will enable three Kimberley ranger groups (Yawuru, Karajarri and Bunuba) to build on their knowledge and continue valuable conservation work protecting Kimberley wetlands.

Written by Kylie Weatherall.

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