It is great news that WA is soon to be joining other states in banning lightweight, single-use plastic bags.

In anticipation of the ban, which comes into effect on 1st July this year, EK is excited to release this series of reusable bags with stunning Kimberley designs.

    Bamboo_bag_-_Fitzroy_River.jpg  Bamboo_bag_-_Monsoon_Vine_Thicket.jpg  Bamboo_bag_-_Bilby.jpg  

Made from 100% bamboo, the sale of these reusable bags will support the continued work of EK, and also help to reduce plastic waste in our environment.

$15 each or, if you can’t choose between the three great designs, get 3 for $40.

Check them out in our online shop here, or at the EK stall at the Broome Courthouse markets each Saturday.