Middle Lagoon is a well-known tourist destination on Nyul Nyul country in the middle Dampier Peninsula. Over the years, an increase in visitor traffic, off-road driving and camping has destroyed vegetation, promoted weeds and resulted in the accumulation of rubbish.

Nyul Nyul people want greater protection for monsoon vine thickets (MVTs), an endangered ecological community where there are cultural sites, by managing visitors on their country.


What we have been doing 

EK’s Kimberley Nature Project has been working with the Nyul Nyul Rangers since 2009 to look after MVTs on their country.

Together with the community, the project has developed a management plan for fencing and weed control and built a bollard fence to ensure vehicles keep to designated access tracks.

We’ve developed an eco-cultural interpretive sign and information sheet about the area to encourage responsible and respectful behavior from visitors. We also worked with artist Jeanné Browne, Nyul Nyul Rangers and Elders to develop signage and information sheets about MVT plants, their cultural names and uses.

The signage has been placed strategically, for example, along a walking trail established during the project, to allow people to learn firsthand. 

Instructional signage for other significant areas has also been developed to encourage visitors to tread softly.



We worked in partnership with the Nyul Nyul Rangers, the Kimberley Land Council, Middle Lagoon and Kimberley TAFE (Now North Regional TAFE).

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Stage One of the project was conducted by the West Kimberley Nature Project and funded by Rangelands NRM WA and Caring for our Country. The project was supported by the Kimberley Land Council/WWF Coastal Tourism Project with funding from the Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation.

Stage Two of the project was conducted by the Kimberley Nature Project and funded through Rangelands NRM WA, Rangelands NRM WA Coastal Grants and the Australian Government National Landcare Program.

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