Hello, my name is Daisy Walker and I am the lead Country Manager; I work alongside two other Country Managers, Mussariah Banks and Laurenzia Divilli at Nyamba Buru Yawuru.

We are funded to work and look after the Monsoon Vine Tickets (MVTs) in Minyirr Park. Weeding is one of the ways we help look after the MVT. We are also learning to identify important plants on Yawuru country, with their Yawuru names, and share our knowledge with our community.

We are currently working with Environs Kimberley three days a fortnight.  These activities include weed surveys and weed control in Minyirr Park.

Throughout the year we’re completing our Cert 2 in Conservation and Land Management. One of our units is Seed Collecting. We will be using this seed to grow plants to revegetate MVTs in Broome.

We are really enjoying having a laugh and getting our hands dirty with Kylie and the team at EK.


Daisy Walker and Mussariah Banks preparing seed 




Environs Kimberley has received a Community Action grant from State NRM that enables EK & NBY to work together.